If there is one essential part of any computer, it would have to be the operating system. An operating system is a collection of software that controls how a computer works. It does away with the need to use or write programs for each and every little task that has to be done. It needs to advance as hardware and software advance so it can handle the latest and the most complex equipment and programs.

Change in operating system is inevitable as people’s use of computers change. Most of the computer’s uses today were not even included in its possible functions at the time of its conception such as accessing the web and listening to music. Therefore, the life of an operating system would depend on its capability to handle potential future developments.

Editing Photos

October 22nd, 2007

Scanners, digital cameras and photo CDs from film processors have made it possible to easily transfer photos to the PC. Since it is impossible to take a perfect picture all the time, photo-editing software allows for retouching and improving photos, creation of collages and montages, conversion of color photos to black and white and many others.

A favorite picture can be converted into calendars, postcards and even jigsaw puzzles. Most software comes with photo repair tools to help you come up with amazing results. You can easily crop in on the interesting parts, zap red-eye, get rid of date stamps on photos and adjust brightness and contrast to lighten dark pictures.

Web Graphics

October 15th, 2007

The most important thing to remember about web graphics is that the file size should be kept as small as possible. It should not go beyond 100 kilo bytes in size. A smaller size is much preferable as an average web viewer’s modem will struggle to download at a speed of anything above 3 kilobytes per second. However, it should be reduced to the smallest size possible without loosing too much image quality.

A file size is measured in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes. The measurement represents how much hard drive space is being taken up by the image when stored. Its size should provide an idea of how long an image will take to download. Graphics are in different shapes, sizes, formats, resolutions and color depths thus it is important to determine specific goals before creating designs.

Dynamic Presentations

October 9th, 2007

The PowerPoint Program is a case in point when it comes to versatility. It allows the user to incorporate words, sounds, images and animations into dynamic slide shows. The presentation it affords goes far beyond the traditional slide show and overhead projector manner. There is an option on how the presentation or slide show is to be created.

Templates are chosen according to which is best for the particular purpose at hand. Combination of colors, layouts and images are all considered to arrive at a decision. Ready-made backgrounds and special effects can be added plus a short voice-over narration for each slide when required. Users need not be afraid to experiment in their bid to provide the best presentation as outstanding results can come from the most unexpected combination.

The real art of Internet searching can only be discovered through the use of search engines. A search engine helps a user to find anything amidst all the electronic noise going on in the web. One is said to have mastered the art when he/she knows how to find exactly what is being looked for.

Using a search engine actually translates into searching the engine’s data base of web pages. A search engine is more thorough, the more texts its crawler collects as often that it can. For really specific searches, a specialized directory can find sites on the Internet on almost any subject or interest.