It would take the recreation of the human thought process to provide artificial intelligence to a robot. The possibility of providing this attribute to a robot has been the subject of much controversy as there is no clear consensus as to whether a robot can be made to be intelligent,

Intelligence would include the ability to learn about anything, the ability to reason, the ability to use language and the ability to formulate original ideas. At present, artificial intelligence machines can only replicate some specific elements of intellectual ability. Computers have the ability to solve problems which it is programmed to solve and not because of any generalized analytical ability.

What Makes a Site Safe?

November 20th, 2007

Determining the security of online purchases or transactions can be a very tricky deal. It is much easier if the seller has an established brick-and-mortar store and has earned an excellent reputation for fair treatment of customers, since they would probably do the same for their online services. Do we totally avoid companies having no such reference or thread with care and awareness?

A secure online company will go out of their way to create secure locations online for their customers. It makes sense to look for a real address and phone number with at least one contact name especially if dealing with a company for the first time. Use common sense in determining whether the information being asked for is really required. Customers should never push through with online transactions that make them uncomfortable since this is a sign that a company’s credentials have not been fully established or confirmed.

The Doctor is Online

November 13th, 2007

There is no question about it: Nothing can replace a real live doctor to diagnose our ailments. In extraordinary cases where it is simply impossible to reach one, an online doctor can be the next best thing. By filling out a form, online doctors diagnose ailments and write the corresponding prescription which can be printed out and brought to the pharmacy. However, it is best to choose one that is associated with a reliable practitioner or medical center.

An online assessment for current health and susceptibility profiling for serious diseases is likewise possible. There are also sites where financing for any surgery can be accomplished. Notwithstanding the convenience afforded by such services, it is important to remember that any result obtained through this process is best confirmed with an actual physical examination.

Working Away From the Office

November 6th, 2007

Some careers can be better enhanced if telecommunicating is used rather than enduring long driving hours to get from the house to the office. It helps the employee stay connected to the office even without his/her physical presence. Specialized technology is of course required depending on the type of job of the user. However, the basic equipment would normally include a computer, printer, phone and data lines.

Telecommunicating affords greater flexibility in time but working at home or anywhere not considered a formal office can have its own setbacks. It would help to create a working routine that is businesslike as possible such as working hours and work-related matters.

Making it Universal

November 5th, 2007

A universal remote should be able to control any household device that is activated with an infra-red laser. It is primarily designed to make it more convenient and simpler even to the most technologically challenged to operate their various devices. It is sometimes referred to as the “mouse of the living room” which is a direct reference to mouse in computers that allow users to use to work with ease.
It has been observed that very few people consider the universal remote technology right at the very beginning for consolidation purposes. A great majority learns of this available technology by accident when the need to replace lost or damaged devices arises.