A case is said to be cold when it remains unresolved for extended periods of time. Victims in these cases may have chosen to leave the area, moved on with their lives or done their best to forget the crime. The main obstacles of investigation and prosecution are the deceased victims and those that are unwilling to revive their cases. The possibility of resolution through the use of DNA technology has encouraged many victims to renew cooperation.

In this scenario, investigators are more inclined on the theory that typical rapists for example, commit multiple attacks during their careers. When deciphering old cases, investigators are able to see patterns in new cases. Successfully linking crimes usually enhances prosecution while producing longer sentences and more plea agreements.

Good Advice

March 20th, 2008

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The Results of the Battle

March 20th, 2008

As much of us know, Blu-Ray has won the battle between HD DVD and Blu-Ray. After the battle between Sony’s Blu-Ray and Toshiba’s HD DVD, those who had gone out and bought HD DVD players and accessories will find themselves stuck with unwanted technology. This is why Best Buy is giving out gift certificates to buy Blu-Ray devices. There are also different sorts of trade-in offers.

Getting the Right Training

March 20th, 2008

These days, it is simply not enough to be good at what you do if you are clueless when it comes to computers. Pretty much every field incorporates computers into their work systems. Therefore, one must seek out the proper IT training in order to enhance their skills to the fullest. IT training classes are also extremely helpful for employees and that is why more and more employers are taking advantage of the various IT courses that are out there. Global Knowledge offers many different IT related courses such as Cisco training. There are even online courses available that can be extremely helpful and informative

No Expulsion

March 20th, 2008

The Internet does not cease to amaze me anymore. This invention has created so many opportunities, for better and for worse. Just recently I read about a college student who was facing expulsion because he started a group on FaceBook that was geared towards helping his fellow students with their homework and assignments by sharing answers. In the end, it has been decided that the student will not be expelled although he did not pass the assignment and must attend an academic misconduct workshop. His professor claimed that they were instructed to do the assignment alone and that is why this act was considered so severe. FaceBook is a terrific site that can serve many helpful purposes. At the same time it can get one into trouble so you need to watch out.

Tame the Monster

March 19th, 2008

You can’t open a paper these days or turn on the television without hearing something about the subprime crisis or another of our economy’s wows (and unfortunately our economy has quite a few). But for many, the current situation is more than just a boring headline or confusing news piece. Many are experiencing the situation up front with millions buried in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. There is nothing worse than debt and only someone who has felt the clutches of severe debt weigh him down can know just what it’s like. I saw an interesting analogy as the slogan on the Clear Debt site. Their motto is “Debt is a monster – tame it”. But the good news is that with a little knowledge there are ways to battle debt and avoid bankruptcy. Clear Debt recommends the use of IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement which allows individuals to settle their debts without having to declare bankruptcy.