A Fun Way to Sharpen Vision

January 2nd, 2010

Believe it or not, playing fast paced video games such as Counter-Strike can actually improve vision by providing excellent training for contrast sensitivity to the eyes. This is according to a study conducted on the premise that better use of information as provided by the retina to the brain can get better results in contrast detection than using glasses or having laser surgery.

The results showed that players which were given hard-core action games exhibited superior efficiency in contrast detection as compared to their counterparts who played with games containing lesser action. One good thing about it is the positive effect that can lasts for months.

Contrast sensitivity is relevant to daily human activities such as reading and night driving. Age plays a big part in its degradation which should make adults think whether engaging in some child’s play is actually good for them as they are for their children. Video games as training devices for the eyes are certainly a better option than other means when the optics of the eye needs to be changed.