Voice Stress Analysis

December 21st, 2010

Voice Stress Analysis is a technology that uses voice-based testing to come up with a conclusion. It is based on the basic principle that the human voice contains telltale signs that will betray its speaker’s emotional state like the intent to deceive. Small and often inaudible changes in the voice occur and are visually displayed on a computer screen. It not only seeks to recognize veracity but also a range of other emotions that can be of use in a broader screening process. The lie-detector has increasingly used voice stress analysis as its software continues to be refined.

Suspects are asked several controlled questions to gauge normal vocal response levels. The real questioning that follows would reveal the computer’s interpretation of the responses immediately.

Web Marketing 2.0

December 7th, 2010

If you have been around the internet as long as I have you surely remember the time when the biggest buzzword was “eyeballs” and companies were given six and seven figure valuations merely based on potential traffic. Thankfully, the web has since matured and online businesses have secured tangible ways of generating revenue online. Obviously traffic and a large target audience is still a major factor in determining an online business’s success, which is what makes mailing lists such a powerful tool.

But running an effective mailing list and maximizing the revenue potential of such a list is far from trivial. Many companies fail in this critical aspect of their marketing campaign, not only resulting in lower numbers but also harming the integrity of their brand. That’s where companies such as Icontact come in. As a leader in the email marketing software market, the company offers an easy to manage solution which doesn’t lack in sophisticated and advance features such as autoresponder handlers, survey tools, and advanced newsletter management. With their recently launched Icontact Community, the first true web 2.0 email marketing platform, Icontact is clearly leaving competition behind and positioning itself as the number one resource for email marketing.