Software at Your Service

October 21st, 2011

As much as computers help our lives and businesses run so much more smoothly, they do not come without problems. We sometimes end up asking ourselves if it worth the trouble of having these computers in the first place, and the answer is always yes. This is because you cannot get anywhere in this world anymore without a computer, at least not as quickly as you need to in order to keep up. Instead of having to constantly consult with IT companies to come and service your computers you can benefit greatly from software as a service brought to you by Phase 2.

All of their programs run through the Internet so they can be accessed at all times. One of their features is a hosted team foundation server. They also offer cheap web conferencing. No matter how you look at it, it is worth your while to check out Phase 2 and their services so that you can save yourself and your company plenty of time and money.

Tracking Lost Laptops

October 19th, 2011

All hope is not gone for those whose laptops have been stolen or inadvertently lost for one reason or another. Laptops have been especially functional for highly mobile people. It is this very mobility that puts the laptop at risk of getting lost while traveling, attending meetings or seminars or simply taking it in places where business takes the owner. Laptop owners not only have to contend with the lost unit but also with the lost of important data and information contained in it. The lost of the unit and the information it contains may prove to be more expensive than it appears specifically if possessed by the wrong hands.

To counteract this critical situation, various laptop tracking software have been introduced. Some of these are the Gadget Trak Search and Destroy, MacTrak: Advanced Anti-Theft, Cyber Angel, Backstopp, LoJack and the Adeona. All these software facilitates tracking of the lost laptop by sending information as to its present whereabouts and user once the alert has been activated in a stealth mode. Most could perform remote deletion of data files if such would be critical to the situation.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, the two most popular browsers are both graphical browsers. This means that they have the ability to display graphics and text. With the use of some plug-ins, multimedia information can also be presented. Another option is the full-screen browser for Internet video named Zinc. Zinc is touted to have content from new sources and more information regarding videos and channels while having a smoother interface.

Zinc, a browser based on Firefox, makes it easy to watch Internet video on television with the use of a remote control. Browsers can all be downloaded for free so testing the available choices can be the wisest thing to do when in doubt. Each user has different requirements which make it difficult to pinpoint one specific browser that would fit all. The choice will be the ultimate determining factor that could guarantee a satisfactory search experience. It is interesting to note that Zinc was originally intended as an interface for a hardware set-top box. The unsuccessful business model made its makers consider more viable options.