The Results of the Battle

March 20th, 2008

As much of us know, Blu-Ray has won the battle between HD DVD and Blu-Ray. After the battle between Sony’s Blu-Ray and Toshiba’s HD DVD, those who had gone out and bought HD DVD players and accessories will find themselves stuck with unwanted technology. This is why Best Buy is giving out gift certificates to buy Blu-Ray devices. There are also different sorts of trade-in offers.

Professional Digital Camera

March 18th, 2008

Digital cameras very quickly overtook the film-camera industry, but have left some devout film-camera users attached to their almost extinct cameras. Most of these individuals are ones who like to use professional cameras. This is the case because as good as digital cameras are, or at least were until recently, there was still room for improvement when it came to professional cameras. Now, however, there is a professional digital camera that pushes the digital camera to its limits. The Canon 1Ds series boasts camera s that are rather professional, but pricey and quite bulky. The images though are very high quality. They are 21.1 megapixels!

The term surveillance commonly refers to observation from a distance through the use of electronic equipment or other technological means. In French, it literally means “watching over” while the familiar “eye in the sky” remains to be the great icon of surveillance. Notwithstanding its usefulness as a tool for law enforcement and security, there is the growing concern for loss of privacy.

Surveillance may be covert or overt, but almost always involve watching over the activities of persons or groups from a position of higher authority. A whole new field of operation has been introduced through modern electronic and computer technology from the original idea of using a spy.

Complementing the CCTV Chain

February 28th, 2008

With the strong influence of digital technology, a wide range of connections, viewing, recording, storage and control products are available to complete the closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) chain. Internet protocol and wireless technologies are now more commonly used to ensure optimal end-to-end interconnections in almost any distance. The latest compact flat-screen monitors provide high resolution, multi-image and multi-screen display to facilitate image viewing with the maximum visual information.

The Internet protocol shows the most promise for future development regarding CCTV surveillance systems. This is due to its inherent scalability, flexibility and functionality plus the low cost of ownership. Another key area where innovation in application can be of real use is in video content analysis.

The Intelligent Camera

February 24th, 2008

The closed-circuit television camera or CCTV has improved tremendously over time. Cameras come in many types depending on the features involved such as compact, fixed and direction-controllable. The more sophisticated models can capture an entire dynamic range of scenes regardless of light conditions. This feature can be very important to specific areas such as poorly lit train stations or the railway track itself.

Advances in technology have provided various options for maximizing the use of this intelligent camera including miniaturization, motion detection, day/night operation, backlight compensation, dynamic noise reduction as well as remote and automatic lens control. The wide range of accessories available has likewise given options for mounting, weather-proofing and resistance to tampering impacts and hazardous substances.

Organizing Teleconferencing

January 29th, 2008

Setting up a teleconference would require first and foremost a person that would be in charge. It is this person’s responsibility to call each participant and establish the specific time for the teleconference. This will be the same person that will make the necessary calls to assemble the group and produce an agenda based on issues brought up by each participant.

It is quite necessary that materials to be used in the teleconference are provided in advance. The success and effectiveness of this exercise requires adequate information and appropriate technical set-up. Technical links needs to be established with sites and constituencies properly identified. It should be kept in mind that a large number of people may be difficult to manage in a single teleconference thus the need for equipments and systems that would come up to the challenge.