The Auto Show

May 3rd, 2013

Current automobile models are seen on public exhibitions known as Auto Shows or Motor Shows. Also often seen in these exhibitions are debuting car models, concept cars and classics that are no longer produced. Occurring at least once or twice a year, automobile manufacturers and local developers use these events mainly for public relation purposes to advertise their products and create increased publicity. Shows that occur on a more frequent basis such as weekly or monthly are more informal and localized. Most are social events that allow car enthusiast to meet others who share their interest.

Auto shows offer enthusiasts the chance to test drive most of the exhibited car models. This has proven to redound to the benefit of manufacturers and dealers in the form of increased sales and bookings during the show. Auto shows not only provide a venue to see and buy cars but also serves as a venue of entertainment featuring musical shows, kiddie shows and competitions to get the interest of the whole family.

Attending a local motor show is easy enough but attending an international show requires more preparation. Travel documentation, funds, accommodations and car rental service are just some of the things to be considered. Looking into the official website of the show promoter provides information that would help visitors better appreciate the show. At present, the most popular auto show in the US is the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Other famous international shows are hosted in Frankfurt, Geneva, Melbourne, Britain, Australia, Philippines, Guangzhou, Moscow, Athens, Dubai, Indonesia, Madrid, Bologna, Turin, Seoul and Paris. The successes of these shows are largely credited to the attendance of foreign media together with local auto and business writers. Of course, the participation of famous car manufacturers with their latest offerings is required to create the excitement and interest for the show.

For a different experience, you can attend the Mud Nationals at MudCreek Off-Road Park in Jacksonville, TX. This year Bennche provided a great performance at the show with their new lines of ATV and UTV on display. Bennche don’t just make standard UTVs or ATVs, many upgrades are available with customized roofs, windshields, winches and wheels. Check out their side by side atv selection online and you’ll see that you don’t want to miss the next Mud Nationals in 2014.

Electric is now

May 3rd, 2013

Since its introduction, electric automobiles did not meet public opposition in the same level as that given to steam and gasoline cars. This was believed to be due to its comparatively low speeds and silent operation. Today, the fact that electric cars do not produce localized emissions appear to be getting the attention of manufacturers and consumers who have realized that something more has to be done to take better care of the environment.

Electric cars are propelled by electric motors that run on batteries either charged at home or charging stations specifically for electric vehicles. Newly developed electric cars have become extremely efficient and cost much cheaper that any other alternative fuel to run. Electric cars enthusiasts believe that a truly clean and sustainable mobility is only possible through this option.

The designs of the early electric automobiles were quite simple. A large band of storage batteries connected to a powerful driving motor by heavy cables are found under the hood. The motor was mounted just in front of the rear axle. Thirty miles an hour was about the top speed and 50 miles was about the distance covered before battery recharging was needed. Electric vehicles have come and gone due to that elusive battery that is lightweight yet packs power and able to transport passengers for any distance. There are several existing batteries that show much promise in providing this need. However, they remain too expensive for regular consumers. Some of these cars are now resold by their original owners with cheap options available in the Dallas used cars market as well as used cars Arlington sales.

Trends in the international market show progress in providing support for mass scale commercialization of electric vehicles. As the shipment of electric vehicles in small volume happen this year, concerned authorities will have to determine how to provide the infrastructure that will make it work. Charging access has to be available at home and the community where it is to be used for it to work. There will also be a need to consider the overall impact of the additional demand for power due to electronic vehicle charging as related to grid reliability. These newer models may be available as soon as next year with cars hitting the used market a year or two later. So if you’re in the market for electing used cars Irving, you may not have long to wait.