How Firewalls Operate

March 12th, 2008

There are three different procedures used simultaneously by firewalls to control data flow in a computer system. Firewalls can use a technique called Packet Filtering which evaluates small portions of data against a filter. This technique admits to the system, sections of data that are deemed acceptable while discarding others.

The Proxy Service Method lets the firewall serve as retriever between the Internet and the system where it actually obtains data from the Internet to send to the requesting system. The Stateful Inspection Approach provides that only integral parts of each segment of data are evaluated against a database of information instead of examining entire segments. Incoming information is admitted when there is satisfactory match with the attributes of the information contained within the system.

Complementing the CCTV Chain

February 28th, 2008

With the strong influence of digital technology, a wide range of connections, viewing, recording, storage and control products are available to complete the closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) chain. Internet protocol and wireless technologies are now more commonly used to ensure optimal end-to-end interconnections in almost any distance. The latest compact flat-screen monitors provide high resolution, multi-image and multi-screen display to facilitate image viewing with the maximum visual information.

The Internet protocol shows the most promise for future development regarding CCTV surveillance systems. This is due to its inherent scalability, flexibility and functionality plus the low cost of ownership. Another key area where innovation in application can be of real use is in video content analysis.

Experts have been forecasting the tremendous expected success of the mobile phone game market for sometime now. Mobile phone network operators, handset manufacturers, game publishers and market analysts are one in saying that mobiles with bigger screens and faster processors combined with faster networks for downloading data would create a market that would dwarf that of the existing market held by home game consoles.

Mobile phone gaming needs to address some problems before it could succeed in doing so. The most evident stumbling blocks are the lack of standards and high-quality games plus the awkward controls. All is not lost however, since consumer research would show that there is really a lucrative market out there just waiting to be tapped by the right product.

Organizing Teleconferencing

January 29th, 2008

Setting up a teleconference would require first and foremost a person that would be in charge. It is this person’s responsibility to call each participant and establish the specific time for the teleconference. This will be the same person that will make the necessary calls to assemble the group and produce an agenda based on issues brought up by each participant.

It is quite necessary that materials to be used in the teleconference are provided in advance. The success and effectiveness of this exercise requires adequate information and appropriate technical set-up. Technical links needs to be established with sites and constituencies properly identified. It should be kept in mind that a large number of people may be difficult to manage in a single teleconference thus the need for equipments and systems that would come up to the challenge.