Nanny Camera Controversy

September 25th, 2011

Lately, the topic of the nanny camera has come over a number of times. It is interesting how today, since technology has advanced, and society has deteriorated, to some extent in my opinion at least, these cameras have become part of many people’s lives. It is absolutely horrifying to hear about or see stories of nannies abusing children that it seems like having a nanny camera is an absolute necessity that one must have in order to leave their children with a nanny. On the other hand, some might say, if you don’t k now your nanny well enough, or don’t trust her, then why leave her with your children, even if there is a nanny cam there? Do you need to wait until she actually abuses your children?

This is an interesting question, and it can be taken even further. If you don’t know your nanny all that well, and even if you do, even the more so, should you be videotaping her without her knowing about it? Perhaps it is enough just to tell her that she is being watched and then there won’t even be a need to videotape it. The bottom line is that we really can never know a person well enough, and if you want to be sure that your child is not being harmed, a nanny camera does come in handy.

It can be a lot more difficult to choose among the available software than choosing a book. Whereas it is possible to browse through books in stores, such is not the case for software. To ensure that you are led to the right direction, you can try turning to family and friends for advice. You can also ask kids what they like if it will be bought for them. Software that aims to help kids with school work can be quite varied, thus it is best to choose one that suits the intended user best in terms of learning mode.

Computer magazines and the Internet contain valuable guidelines and reviews of a lot of software. Such unbiased reviews can help you distinguish the good from the bad. However, categorization of materials can be subjective since people will find software helpful based on their individual needs.

A Career Opportunity

June 24th, 2008

People are always asking me about what profession they should go into. There are individuals who are just starting to find a career for themselves, and there are others who are people who want a career change. There are various vocations which I recommend, but I always say, what is goof for one person may not be suitable for the next. I recently came across a flight attendant school, available through the International Air and Hospitality Academy. This school can offer one a flight attendant career. This type of job is appropriate for one who does not mind traveling, or one who even enjoys traveling and seeing the world. It is not suitable for every person, but those who are suitable for this profession will enjoy every minute of it.

One can visit the site to find out more information about the school, courses, and the job in general. There is even a flight attendant blog where one can read firsthand what it is like to be in the school and to be a flight attendant.