Web Marketing 2.0

December 7th, 2010

If you have been around the internet as long as I have you surely remember the time when the biggest buzzword was “eyeballs” and companies were given six and seven figure valuations merely based on potential traffic. Thankfully, the web has since matured and online businesses have secured tangible ways of generating revenue online. Obviously traffic and a large target audience is still a major factor in determining an online business’s success, which is what makes mailing lists such a powerful tool.

But running an effective mailing list and maximizing the revenue potential of such a list is far from trivial. Many companies fail in this critical aspect of their marketing campaign, not only resulting in lower numbers but also harming the integrity of their brand. That’s where companies such as Icontact come in. As a leader in the email marketing software market, the company offers an easy to manage solution which doesn’t lack in sophisticated and advance features such as autoresponder handlers, survey tools, and advanced newsletter management. With their recently launched Icontact Community, the first true web 2.0 email marketing platform, Icontact is clearly leaving competition behind and positioning itself as the number one resource for email marketing.

Everyone in the world has some kind of dream or another. For some, making this dream come true is not a big deal, and for others it is verging on impossible. But for some, making a dream come true is only a matter of figuring out a way for it to be made possible. Publishing a book can be a tough and even impossible task. Literary agents are always looking for something specific, and where the money is of course, and book publishers are very picky. It is a highly competitive industry and in order to succeed in it one needs much talent, luck, and connections.

That is why if one decides to publish their book on their own and fulfill their dream, it can be done more quickly and efficiently than it would any other way. One can do just this through the Book Publishers, 48hrbooks.com, where you can find out How to Publish a Book on your own. Then service is helpful and professional and you can avoid all of the trouble of going through other book publishers. This is the way to make your dream come true and get your book published simply and quickly.

Collecting Without Delivering?

February 11th, 2008

Early in the history of search engine optimization, smaller SEO companies and consultants charged for services that they were unable to deliver. However, majority of these where attributed as part of the industry’s growing pains or simply a case of not knowing better rather than a deliberate attempt to rip-off unsuspecting people.

The large scale SEO operations at present are en entirely different case as some choose to make easy money out of people whose only desire is to effectively market their website on the Internet. In fact, many SEO clients are recycled or have previously worked with another company who has obviously failed to deliver. Such companies give a bad name to the otherwise lofty undertaking of search engine optimization.