Humans are not built to live on carrot sticks and cucumber slices. Many of the crash diets, designed to help you lose as many pounds as you can a week, are actually a slow path to starvation. And you’ll feel the effects: dizzy spells, crankiness, fatigue, stomach rumblings, nausea.

Other diets are just very complex, requiring food scales, or have a list of no nos and a degree in chemistry to decipher the food labels. While some may have the patience and the time to actually weigh the grams of the steak they’re about to have for dinner, or even to cook a particular menu for weeks or months at a time, a good many dieters are pressed for time. That’s why they became dependent on take out and delivery, after all. And what about those who have limited menu options at the office or school cafeteria? Or those who have to wine and dine clients? Restaurant fare isn’t always healthy—and you can’t exactly ask the chef how many tablespoons of butter he used. A good option is to turn online for your dieting efforts which can not only make the process easy and simple, but you can also save some money with Coupon Code Diet Direct savings.

Here are some things to consider for any diet:

Ask, “Is this good for me?” Even if you drop 20 pounds, it won’t do you much good if you end up in the hospital, or are simply unfunctional at work.
Ask, “Can I sustain this?” Oatmeal sounds good on the first day, but by the end of the second week, you may rebel against the diet and go on a potato chip binge just to make yourself feel better. Better to do it slowly than to lose it all and gain it back because you can’t keep to a strict regimen.
It’s not about cutting back all calories, but getting the right amount from the right sources. For example, carbohydrates from a fruit are definitely better than carbohydrates from a chocolate bar. And if you are getting a fruit anyway, trade a high-fat fruit like avocado for an apple.
Listen to your cravings, just make smarter choices. Let’s say you’re in the mood to munch on something. You may miss your chips, but what exactly do you miss? Is it the crunchiness? Then satisfy that craving with celery sticks with a bit of peanut butter to give it some “healthy” saltiness.
Practice portioning. If you’re the type who can’t cut out favorite food, then just take smaller portions while removing any possibility of binging. For example, don’t leave a plate of brownies on the table, take out one piece, then re-wrap the rest and put at the back of the refrigerator. The effort it takes to stand up from the table and rummage through the rest of the tupperwares may be enough to stop you from a second serving.

Matching Blood Types

January 25th, 2011

The red blood cells have up to two distinct chemical molecules: Molecule “A” and Molecule “B.” If a person’s red blood cell has only the “A” molecules, then the blood is classified as Type A. Conversely if only “B” molecules are found in the blood cell, then that blood is Type B. If there is a mixture of both blood cells then it is classified as Type AB. A person with blood type O means neither molecule is present.

Two different blood types cannot be mixed together because they will clump together and may result to death. So a person with Type A blood can only donate to a person with Type A or Type AB and Type B blood can only be matched with the same or Type AB. Type AB can only be mixed with Type AB. Type O blood is considered the “universal” blood type since it can be mixed with the others.

A Fun Way to Sharpen Vision

January 2nd, 2010

Believe it or not, playing fast paced video games such as Counter-Strike can actually improve vision by providing excellent training for contrast sensitivity to the eyes. This is according to a study conducted on the premise that better use of information as provided by the retina to the brain can get better results in contrast detection than using glasses or having laser surgery.

The results showed that players which were given hard-core action games exhibited superior efficiency in contrast detection as compared to their counterparts who played with games containing lesser action. One good thing about it is the positive effect that can lasts for months.

Contrast sensitivity is relevant to daily human activities such as reading and night driving. Age plays a big part in its degradation which should make adults think whether engaging in some child’s play is actually good for them as they are for their children. Video games as training devices for the eyes are certainly a better option than other means when the optics of the eye needs to be changed.

No Longer Taboo

January 8th, 2009

There are many things that were once considered taboo, and are now widely acceptable. One example of such a phenomenon is plastic surgery. Now, even teenagers are having procedures done, with the consent of their parents of course. Many procedures are done solely in order to improve one’s appearance while others have a double purpose, one being to approve the appearance and the second being a medical need. Other procedures are done only because of medical reasons. Rhynoplasty surgeries are one of the most common types of plastic surgery. Known by many as a nose job, this surgery is often conducted because of respiratory problems often caused by a deviated septum. Once the surgery is being done, patients sometimes decide to change their nose cosmetically as well.

Breast augmentation is usually a cosmetic issue but it can sometimes have to do with health issues as well. Breast reductions are sought after many times because of the strain the breasts have on one’s back. An example of a procedure that is done mostly for the medical benefit of the patient is vaginal surgery. Women who have had children and who wish to improve the quality of their life once again can do so by undergoing vaginal reconstruction. deals with a wide range of plastic surgery that will not only leave one looking the way they want, but feeling that way too.

All Protein

August 13th, 2008

Since life can be so hectic, may of us constantly forget to eat, or at least to eat right. When we do eat it is usually a meal that lacks the proper nutrition. That is why it is helpful to carry around a protein bar that can quickly and easily provide you with the protein that you need. The best protein bars by far are those available through, which has been manufacturing healthy snack bars for years. What is different about this company is that they actually create the best tasting protein par available on the market.

There is no shortage of protein bars out there. Walk into any drugstore or convenience store not to mention health food store and you will see a bunch of them by the checkout counter and in the aisles. But these bars are usually bland and tasteless whereas these bars are as tasty as can be, you will forget they are there to provide you with the necessary protein.

They say that modern medicine has a cure for almost everything other than the common cold. Well, unfortunately this is not entirely true as we know there are some diseases which still take their toll on the human race with violent outcomes. But the part of the common cold is close to true. You see, there really is no single cure for the common cold as unlike other diseases, there is no single cause for a cold. But living a healthy life and taking proper nutritional supplements can definitely help in prevention.
Some swear to the fact that regularly taking colloidal silver can prevent common ailments such as colds and the flu. Whether or not colloidal silver will completely prevent the common cold, there is no doubt of its health benefits. The secret of colloidal silver is in the natural antibacterial properties of silver. In its purest form, colloidal silver can do wonders when taken on a regular basis but it is important to make sure only to get a product with a high particle surface area.