The movement of paintball in Italy is booming and the players are increasing dramatically and the quality of their fields. In the month of November will open in a new scenario woodsball field near Como, the location is fantastic surrounded by a forest of 70,000 square meters with afarmhouse, observation and relaxation area. It provides a service to hiremore people to bring this great sport.
To make it clear to newcomers what we’re talking about now will make youan overview of the sport.
Paintball is a sport whose purpose is to eliminate the opponentby hitting him with jelly balls filled with paint brightly colored, fired by means of special instruments called compressed air markers (markers). Given theimpact velocity (up to 300 feet per second, 328 km / h for international competitions), the capsule of the projectile breaks the contact with the target, releasing the contents onto the opponent’s suit. Once marked by apaintball, a player is eliminated and must wait to get back a set time or the beginning of the next game. This game is regularly practiced at a competitive level in competitions, leagues and tournaments around the world. 
Paintball is a game simulation war game types but some, particularlyWoodsball, recall the soft activity that uses replicas of real guns loaded with pellets of plastic or ceramic, and above is based on simulations of military tactics.
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