Right Click Software

November 22nd, 2012

I was looking for the best for my company in Assisted Living Software. I wanted something that was easy to use and that would save me time. Coming across Right Click Software was like a miracle for me.

Right Click Software is so simple to use and really has so many features that are very useful for my company. It is easy to set up, and one great feature is the assisted living marketing tool. This tool is so useful for your business; you can enter all of your leads and their families contact information. The lead statistic dashboard always lets you know where you stand and alerts you of any new inquiries and where those inquiries came from. In addition, with the assisted living marketing tool you are able to schedule and manage marketing activities for prospects as well as effectively communicate with them. Another great feature that Right Click Software offers is senior housing software. The senior housing software tool is a great tool to keep your business totally organized. The software includes: total revenues real-time and customizable rent roll. In addition, it allows you to track your resident’s debits and credit, stay on top of your revenues, invoice for and enter collections for non resident charges, and gives you a snapshot of your communities summarized account receivable. Another great feature of Right Click Software is that it has clinical assessment tools. This feature is very beneficial and really helps your company manage the needs of the residents. With the Take Control Clinical Module it gives the staff the ability to easily enter the needs of the residents. This tool shows who completed the assessment and when it was completed. You are also able to set triggers to notify approvers. The clinical assessment tool is also very helpful because it creates comprehensive reports; you can customize assessments, customize service plans and has automated billing changes.

Right Click Software is so perfect for my company and I absolutely love it. It has helped my business become more organized and has saved me so much time. It is very easy to use and I would recommend that anyone use this software, it will help their organization to be less hectic and more at peace.

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